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City and Colour | The Grand Optimist

I fear I’ll die from complications, complications due to things that I’ve left undone
That all my debts will be left unpaid, feel like a cripple without a cane
I’m like a jack of all  trades who’s a master of none

Then there’s my father he’s always looking on the bright side
Saying things like “Son life just ain’t that hard”
He is the grand optimist, I am the world’s poor pessimist
You give him burdens sometimes and he will escape unscarred

I guess I take after my mother, I guess I take after my mother

But I used to be quite resilient, gained no strength from counting the beads on a rosary
And now the wound has begun to turn, another lesson that has gone unlearned
But this is not a cry for pity or for sympathy

I guess I take after my mother, I guess I take after my mother
I guess I take after my mother, I guess I take after my mother
It’s been awhile since I’ve stumbled upon a song that I can connect with so deeply.

It’s finally Gion Matsuri 祇園祭, one of the most famous festivals in Kyoto, Japan! I’ve been looking forward to this event since the beginning of my program because everyone keeps talking about it. There are three nights of celebrations (two main streets are closed off from cars so food stalls, art & craft booths and music performances can be set up) leading up to the main festival day (today). Here’s a selfie from yesterday night; I’m wearing a yukata 浴衣 (a summer kimono made of light cotton fabric). I was reluctant to get one because they’re kind of expensive, but finally caved in and bought one with a bunch of friends. 

I also managed to get quite a few interesting soundbites and footages; when free time comes around, I’ll whip up a travel video or something. ^^

P.S - I’ve been discovering some really great Japanese music lately. Here’s one that’s been on replay - 綿のハンカチーフ[Cover] / キンモクセイ

Enjoy life, peeps.

It’s messing people up, this social pressure to ‘find your passion’ and ‘know what it is you want to do’. It’s perfectly fine to just live your moments fully and marvel as many small and large passions, many small and large purposes, enter and leave your life. For many people there is no realization, no bliss to follow, no discovery of your life’s purpose. This isn’t sad, it’s just the way things are. Stop trying to find the forest and just enjoy the trees.

Sally Coulter (via deadvibe)

note: i think everyone should have a purpose though… live by doing good and spreading good. be compassionate. be grateful. give more and expect less.

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Kyoto Nights, June 2014

I’ve finally created a website/portfolio/work in progress - 

If you have time, feel free to check it out. I have lots of photos from Japan and will probably start to upload more often on my website.